VPK Paper starts up PM6 in Belgium after rebuild

Valmet announced that it successfully completed a comprehensive rebuild of paper machine 6 (PM6) at VPK Paper's Oudegem mill in Belgium, and the machine has successfully started-up. The rebuild, which involved the forming, drying and reeling sections, will increase PM6's production capacity from about 185,000 tons per year to some 200,000 tpy of high quality packaging grades.

Valmet noted that the rebuild was executed in spring 2016 with 148 workers on site during 11 days.

"The rebuild project went very well. The whole PM6 crew and Valmet experts worked towards the same target — safe and on-time start-up," said Jaakko Kerttula, Project Manager at Valmet.

The target of the rebuild was to improve machine speed, safety and efficiency.

Valmet's delivery for the forming section included among others mist eliminators, vacuum foil boxes and top wire lengthening with additional drive. For the drying section, Valmet delivered UnoRun S runnability boxes, new lead rolls and mechanical drive modification and, additionally, FoilForce tail threading after the dryer section.

Also, a complete oil lubrication center including piping, tail threading equipment for the reel area, three sets of forming fabrics and spare parts were part of the delivery.