Toscotec starts up PM1 press section rebuild at Papeterie Sical

Papeterie Sical and Toscotec announce the successful start-up of PM#1 after a deep press section and related parts modification. The machine came in operation according the planned shut-down time and, after the optimization phase, is now producing the targeted container board products quality.

The project, finalized to improve out press dryness performance, liners top side printability as well as machine runnability, includes new TT Combi-Press with a tailored TT Pick-up press roll, new press rolls with related cleaning doctors, a major press frame rebuilt integrated in the wire section structure, and a complete tail threading from press to dryer section including the area of the existing shoe press in last position. A broke pulper modification and initial part of dryer section implementation with new TT steel Dryer is part of the rebuild, that includes erection, erection supervision, start-up assistance and training.

With a web width of 2.570 mm and a design speed of 500 m/min, the renewed PM#1 produces container board grades as Brown Test Liners, Brown Liners and Medium in the range 100 to 220 g/m2, with a yearly capacity of 45.000 tons/year.

Thanks to the strong cooperation between the two project teams, the success of this rebuild confirms the Toscotec ability to supply technological and complex reconstruction in the board sector.

Papeterie Sical, located in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France, is part of Rossmann Group, the main independent packaging manufacturer in Europe and Africa with a box plants production capacity of 500.000 Tons/year. With 10 sheets plants in Western Europe and 1 in Burkina Faso, with a yearly capacity of 300.000 Tons/year of papers made from recycled fibers, Grossman Group is a leader in Europe offering various kind of printed packaging.