Innovatech adopts Inflor’s technology

Photo: Inflor

In order to achieve profitability with a forest investment, three great levers must be pulled with competence: the market, formation costs and forest productivity.

The purpose of Forest Inventory is to measure wood stocks, give prognosis and diagnosis of productive process through data collection and statistical models, allowing the investors to check one of the main result drivers of forestry asset investment: the productivity.

Innovatech deploys the Forestry Inventory System of Inflor to manage the forestry assets of Group Asperbras. The solution performs comparisons between stands, evaluates performance, management and costs, which makes Forest Inventory one of the most valuable tools, not only to measure but also to take tactical and strategic decisions really quickly and effectively.

According to Luiz Fellipe Arcalá, Business Head of Innovatech, the proposal is to insert the Forest Inventory as a specialist process inside the value chain.

“It’s not enough to measure the productivity, with models and prognosis, it is necessary to treat this process as part of planning, control and analysis processes. It is necessary to embed the results of forestry productivity into management’s Big Data, providing stable diagnosis, from planning until verification of stand’s wood costs, for performance analysis and return on investment”, explains Luiz Fellipe Arcalá.

Arcalá also points out that Inflor’s Inventory System was the ideal solution for its management model since it has great synergy with the project’s database, directly integrated with forestry register, allowing planning, controlling and integration with the module of costs.