Portucel Mozambique deploys system of social investment

Photo: Inflor

The Navigator Company group, new corporate name for Portucel,  uses Inflor’s solutions in its forestry chain. In Mozambique, besides the forestry solutions, the group now has the Sispart system.

The system will be responsible for managing the relationship with communities and the application of resources in social projects, prioritizing the dialogue with stakeholders and transparency in every process steps.

Francisco Nobre, Sustainability Director of Portucel Mozambique, says that this is an important step for the company. “To register, control and plan our actions through the system, within this huge project and where the social sector is especially important to the project success brings more reliability to every stakeholders. It also grants greater organization, internal control and above all, allow us to monitor where, when and how the company’s social strategies are being developed, based on Portucel Mozambique Social Development Program baseline”.

Portucel Mozambique (from The Navigator Company) has received from Mozambique State two permissions granting the right to use and exploit lands, one of them for an area of 183 thousand hectares in Manica Province. The province area is distributed along 22 non-contiguous portions and it covers 5 districts (Barué, Manica, Gondola, Sussundenga e Moussrize). The other permission grants approximately 173 thousand hectares in Zambézia Province, whose areas are distributed along 21 non-contiguous portions and it covers two districts (Namarrói and Ile). The purpose is to establish forestry plantations to do industrial/commercial exploitation, according to the authorization of Investment Project, which was approved by the Ministers Council of Mozambique Republic (authorization nº 249/2009). It is considered a project with many social and economic benefits for the provinces and for the country. It will be the biggest integrated forestry project in the country to produce paper pulp and energy.

Portucel Mozambique considers being essential the constant dialogue and welfare between the company and the community located in the zones covered by the right to use and exploit lands of the project.

Through the Program of Social Development Portucel (PDSP), the company aims to deploy social development work fronts, affecting approximately 25.000 families in the project zone. Based on land access agreements, the family can be supported by the company on the different work fronts of PDSP, like health, nourishment, education, basic sanitation, support to forestry production and development of technical competences to allow families to perform activities in forestry sector.

Victtor Magri, solutions director of INFLOR group, says that the system deployment will bring more agility and safety to decision-making.

“The system will facilitate and organize every social investment process at the company, supporting the decision-making and maintaining every relationship history with the community. The tool will manage the monitoring of actions that minimizes the forestry project’s impact, the management of budget execution and the benefits of community development, the monitoring of land-sharing agreements with the community or with families who wish to integrate the project.

Cellphones will be used to register census information of the families to generate social indexes, to update registers information, to register complaints and community requests” finalizes Magri.