Imerys signs two supply agreements with paper producers

Imerys has signed two separate commercial agreements for the full-scale supply of FiberLean MFC, a mineral/micro-fibrillated cellulose (MFC), with two leading papermakers, one in Asia and one in the USA.

The Asian customer is a major manufacturer of coated woodfree paper with a large share of its production in the high-end of the coated paper segment. The Imerys on-site production plant is due for startup in 3Q 2016.

The US-based customer has a strong position in the printing and writing market. Imerys will build an on-site plant to provide one of its southeastern US mills with FiberLean™ MFC. This plant should also be commissioned and start production in 3Q 2016.

Imerys will have 8,000 metric tonnes per year capacity of MFC with the completion of these two plants, which is making of Imerys the most important supplier of micro-fibrillated cellulose worldwide.