Omya and Shandong Tranlin Paper form JV

Photo: Omya

Omya and Shandong Tranlin Group have signed a cooperation agreement for the manufacture of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) in the Shandong province, China, using Industrial Effluent Gas for production.

In this project, flue gas from the Tranlin power plant will be used as a raw material to manufacture the Tranlin paper mill’s requirements for customized PCC filler products. The PCC produced will be based on the Omya Multifill ®  concept to maximize the calcium carbonate level in the paper sheet and improve Tranlin’s quality specifications.

The new PCC plant is scheduled to start production in Q1/2017 with a capacity of 150,000 dry metric tons per year. The use of effluent gas for production will lead to a reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions and local carbon emissions. The government of Gaotang County strongly supports this project as being beneficial to the protection of the environment and air quality improvement.

PCC in paper manufacturing provide key properties such as bulk, opacity, brightness and printability.  Omya was selected as a long term partner after Shandong Tranlin assessed qualifications such as product quality, environmental responsibility, cost, technical capability and service.