ÅF modernises pulp mill in Sweden

ÅF, an engineering and consulting company, has been contracted to modernise the control systems in linerboard manufacturer Metsä Board’s pulp mill in Husum, Sweden. The contract is for an end-to-end solution and covers conversion to new, modern Siemens control systems for the bleach, cooking and recycling plants.

ÅF is responsible for project management, hardware design, computer programming, construction management and commissioning, and the job is expected to continue throughout 2016, starting immediately.

“The challenge will be to minimise downtime and there is much to be done within a short period,” says Peter Bredal, project manager at ÅF. “Metsä Board will have a modern and future-proof plant after the conversion.”

The contract covers conversion of seven Siemens Teleperm M systems into Siemens PCS7 systems. ÅF has extensive experience with similar conversions, both in Sweden and internationally. They include a system conversion at the Spanolux MDF factory in Belgium.