Sonoco opens packaging solutions studio

Photo: Sonoco

Sonoco, one of the largest diversified global packaging companies, has opened a new state-of-the-art iPS Studio at it Heartsville, S.C headquarters. The iPS Studio is a leading-edge research, development and innovation center that connects consumer and market insights to the invention of new packaging solutions, all under one roof. Sonoco invested $12 million to build the new Innovative Packaging Solutions research and development studio at its Hartsville, S.C. headquarters.

Key features of the iPS Studio include a Consumer Interaction space enabling live, direct observation of consumers interacting with products and packaging in areas including retail, kitchen, living and bathroom environments; collaborative spaces where experts can interact with the latest technologies to turn ideas into packaging concepts; technology for the development of structural design and manufacturing options that access potential for commercialization; a pilot plant to test manufacturing performance, state-of-the-art printing capability and rapid prototyping labs that aid in developing engineered prototypes that can then be tested in real world simulation spaces.

Created on the belief that “Sometimes where you think inspires what you think”, the iPS Studio brings together people, ideas and experiences in a physical environment that fosters innovation. A key part of this blueprint for channeling intellectual capital is Sonoco’s i6 Innovation Process where insights, ideation and invention come together in a step-by-step process that starts every conversation with the customer. With the packaging industry’s broadest portfolio, deep expertise in design, testing and material science, and a disciplined process for innovation, Sonoco is uniquely positioned to create a 360° Customized Solution™ for customers.