Minerals Technologies signs contract with European paper company

Photo: Mineral Technologies

Minerals Technologies Inc. has signed a commercial agreement with a prestigious European papermaker to provide Fulfill®E-325 high-filler technology at the paper company's mill in Europe.

"We are delighted that this highly respected European papermaker has signed a second agreement to use our technology, which will allow them to produce high quality paper at lower cost," said Joseph C. Muscari, chairman and CEO.

These agreements confirm the commercial progress of the Fulfill® brand, a portfolio of high-filler technologies that offers papermakers a variety of efficient, flexible solutions that decreases dependency on natural fiber and reduces costs. The Fulfill® E-325 series allows papermakers to increase loading levels of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) by three to five points, which replaces higher cost pulp, and increases PCC usage between 20% to 30%.

"We are engaged with approximately 20 other paper mills to introduce our FulFill® technology, as well as our breakthrough NewYield(TM) Integrated Process Technology that converts a papermaking waste stream into a useable filler," said Rand Mendez, senior vice president & managing director, Paper PCC. "Through continued innovation, MTI is advancing our leadership in technology that can reduce costs and improve quality for the worldwide paper industry."

PCC is a specialty pigment for filling and coating high-quality paper. By substituting Minerals Technologies' PCC for more expensive wood fiber, customers are able to produce brighter, higher quality paper at lower cost.