Valmet introduces IQ Speed Booster application to corrugator

Photo: Valmet

Valmet expands its offering for corrugator box plants and will launch a new Valmet IQ Speed Booster application at FEFCO Technical Seminar 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The application complements Valmet’s quality management control concept to corrugators and maximizes production efficiency with ensured quality for corrugator board.


“With Valmet IQ Speed Booster, we can offer corrugated board manufacturers a new fully automated tool to maximize production rate and total output of the box plant. The new application is developed to work seamlessly with Valmet IQ corrugator close loop quality control system, which is widely used across the world. It takes care of corrugated board quality by using online measurements while boosting the speed. That makes it unique in corrugated board industry,” says Mikko Talonen, Business Manager, Automation, Valmet.


Valmet IQ Speed Booster to corrugators can be installed in the corrugators which are equipped with Valmet IQ Quality control system. The application monitors automatically corrugated board manufacturing process and boosts production speed if online quality measurement and control actuators allow the speed change.


A comprehensive quality management solution to corrugators


Valmet IQ Speed Booster application is part of the Valmet IQ quality management solution, which consists of all the devices and applications needed to control and optimize both process performance and end-product quality. Valmet IQ ensures optimal quality for over 2,000 pulp, tissue, board, paper, and paper & board converting production mills around the world.


Valmet IQ quality management solution for corrugated board production is developed together with the customers and is based on strong process know-how and extensive expertise of online measurement and close loop controls. The solution features a wide range of online quality measurements such as moisture, temperature and warp to get accurate and fast information from the process which helps detect quality defects and identify their root causes. The solution also includes a water spray system to control warp and moisture levels, as well as truly close loop controls for corrugator wet-end and dry-end.