Mondi invests in sustainable production at Czech plant

Mondi is investing in the Czech Republic. Photo by Mondi.

Funds invested Mondi has announced that, as part of the company’s efforts to cut water use and increase water recycling in its operations, it plans to further modernise its activation tanks and other infrastructure around the wastewater treatment plant at the Mondi Štĕtí plant in the Czech Republic. 

"All waste water genereated from our production processes is treated in wastewater treatment plants on-site and/or off-site before being discharged to the aquatic environment to ensure wastewater quality meets regulatory requirements.  

Mondi Štĕtí (Czech Republic) runs our largest industrial wastewater treatment plant, which is the second largest in Czech Republic. Calculated based on municipal waste water, it has a treatment capacity for a population of 600,000,” the business said in a statement. 

In 2023, the Mondi Štětí plant assessed further technical improvements and installed new screens, according to the statement.