New Swedish measuring technology for wood raw material at Zellcheming Expo

The Biomass Analyzer. Photo: Mantex

The Swedish greentech company Mantex will exhibit for the first time at the German industry association Zellcheming's fair in Wiesbaden, which runs between 18 and 20 June.

Mantex will present the company's analysis equipment Biomass Analyzer developed to measure properties such as dry matter content and energy value in biomass and wood raw material.

The Mantex Biomass Analyzer is type-approved for the determination of moisture content (dry content) in sawmill chips and sawdust. The type approval means that the machine can officially be used as a measuring method to determine price and quality on the existing market for sawmill chips and sawdust.

"After last year's type approval of the Biomass Analyzer, we have increased our efforts to reach out to customers outside of Sweden. Zellcheming works for increased knowledge of various technological advances and their fair therefore offers an excellent opportunity to showcase Mantex's technology and what we are capable of to a more international audience," says Martin Frid, sales and marketing manager at Mantex AB.

Determining the dry matter content of wood raw material with the Biomass Analyzer is simple and can be carried out by drivers already upon delivery of the raw material. The measurement itself takes about 2 minutes compared to 1-2 days with conventional methods on the market.

Zellcheming is one of the oldest trade organizations in the paper and pulp industry with more than 1,300 companies as members and annually organizes an international fair that attracts around 150 exhibitors from all over the world.