Suzano signs an agreement with Lin-gang Special Area Administration

Lin-Gang special area. Photo: MNXANL/Wikimedia Commons

On March 20th, Suzano signed an agreement with Lin-gang Special Area Administration in Shanghai.  

Leveraging the innovative institutional advantages and the convenient cross-border fund settlement in the Lin-gang Special Area, Suzano will set up a trade and product innovation center for the Asia-Pacific region to expand new trade formats such as offshore transactions and support Lin-gang in building a demonstration zone for new trading formats. Moreover, Suzano will further support Lin-gang in exploring cross-border data flows in the field of shipping and trade sector, promoting the convenience of cross-border fund settlement, and carrying out the applications of electronic bills of lading, invoices and letters of credit.

At the signing ceremony, Walter introduced Suzano’s business and its sustainability related goals, extended his gratitude to Lin-gang government for its strong support, and expressed the willingness to establish and maintain a long-term cooperation with Lin-gang, ensuring the smooth rollout of the project in joint efforts.

Mr. Chen expressed his warm congratulations on the signing of the agreement between Suzano and the Administration of Lin-gang Special Area, and commented that Lin-gang will further explore with Suzano on new types of trade agglomerations and the cross-border data flows, and fully support Suzano in its business development in Lin-gang.