Ukrainian Kokhava paper mill distributes dividends to shareholders

Ukraine’s Kokhava paper mill is distributing dividends to shareholders. Photo by Kokhava

New decision Ukraine’s Kokhava paper mill has decided that, of the company’s net profit of about UAH 137.04 million (US$3.53 million) for 2023, its shareholders will receive some UAH 6.85 million in dividends. 


Information on the move was included in the agenda of the general meeting of shareholders of the paper mill scheduled for April 25, released through the disclosure system of the Ukrainian National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC)


Kokhava has been active in the country’s paper industry since 1939. The paper mill offers a wide range of paper sanitary and hygiene products.


The Ukrainian paper mill is located in the country’s western region of Lviv, in close proximity to Ukraine’s border with Poland.