Mondi to reduce water consumption by 30 percent at its Bulgarian mill

Photo: Robert M. Classus/Wikimedia Commons

Managing water resources in an efficient and sustainable way, and investing in up-to-date water infrastructure, is a priority to avoid negative impacts of Mondi’s operations on water availability within catchment areas – particiularily in regions where there are high water-related risks.

Mondi carefully monitor the amount of water withdrawn by source and released back to the aquatic environment. In 2023, 92% of the water used was released back to the acquatic environment.

A great local initiative on reducing water use comes Stambolijski mill (Bulgaria): In 2023, the local team has identified opportunities to reduce water use in its pulp and paper processes by installing a turbo blower on the paper machine and a cooling tower in the turbine and evaporation area. 

The actions implemented have reduced specific contact water consumption at the mill by 30% against our 2020 baseline.

“Water is critical for running a paper and pulp mill. It’s our responsibility to use it as efficiently as possible. By further closing the water loops, we’re not only saving water but are also improving our energy balance as warm water released also means losing energy”, says Alexander Krickler, Managing Director, Mondi Stambolijski.