MondiDynäs embarks on billion-dollar revamp to secure future for four decades

The MondiDynäs paper and pulp mill, is nestled along the banks of the Ångermanälven River north of Kramfors, Sweden. Photo: MondiNynäs

The MondiDynäs paper and pulp mill, nestled along the banks of the Ångermanälven River north of Kramfors, is in the midst of a significant renovation. Launched last year and set to conclude by 2026, this billion-dollar project is aimed at extending the facility's operational lifespan by an impressive 40 years, though the company has opted to keep the exact investment figure under wraps.

Currently employing around 360 people, the construction phase is expected to temporarily boost employment by an additional 500 jobs. However, despite the scale of modernization, the number of permanent positions is not anticipated to significantly increase.

Aiming for a Fossil-Free Future

The Väja factory, which specializes in producing kraft paper for packaging and paper bags, has witnessed growing revenue in recent years due to increased demand. The modernization effort is part of a broader strategy to transition to a completely fossil-free operation, with a target to shift all energy production to biofuel by 2030.

Several changes in ownership

This investment marks the second major industrial initiative in the Väja-Bollstabruk area in a short span, following a massive investment by SCA-owned Bollsta sawmill. The industrial history in Väja spans over 150 years, starting as a sawmill site before transitioning to pulp and paper production in the early 20th century. After several changes in ownership, the facility is now a key part of the Mondi group, ushering in a new era of sustainability and innovation for the region.

MondiDynäs, as the largest private employer in the Kramfors municipality, is a significant player in the Mondi group, which boasts a global presence and 22,000 employees. Originally from South Africa, the company's headquarters are now in Vienna, Austria.

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