Canon revolutionizes large format printing with eco-friendly packaging

Canons three new imagePROGRAF GP Series (GP-526S/546S/566S) using new LUCIA PRO II1 pigment ink to deliver according to company good print quality for bright, eye-catching posters like product advertisements. With high-speed capability and improved scratch resistance, post-processing becomes easier to handle and time efficient. The printers' New exterior design and interior lighting enhance users’ daily print operations. Photo: Canon

Canon has introduced its latest innovation, the imagePROGRAF GP Series (GP-526S/546S/566S) large format inkjet printers, now arriving in eco-conscious cardboard packaging, marking a significant departure from traditional styrofoam use. This initiative is part of Canon's ongoing efforts to minimize its environmental footprint and align with global sustainability goals.

The newly launched printers are tailored for the Asia-Pacific market and feature the advanced LUCIA PRO II pigment ink, enhancing print quality and durability. In a remarkable achievement towards environmental stewardship, Canon has successfully reduced the usage of polystyrene foam packaging materials by 89.5 per cent for its GP-546S model. The switch to corrugated cardboard not only facilitates easier disposal but also significantly diminishes waste generation during the setup process.

Boast high colour reproducibility

Canon's GP Series printers are designed to streamline the printing process with their high-speed capabilities, improved scratch resistance, and enhanced interior lighting, thus elevating the user experience in daily printing tasks. Additionally, these printers boast high colour reproducibility, achieving 96% coverage of the Pantone formula guide solid-coated colour book, making them ideal for printing product advertisements that require precise corporate colours.

A notable feature of the GP Series is its smart roll paper set function, which automatically identifies the paper source and type, as well as estimates the remaining paper quantity. This function accelerates the paper feed process, thereby simplifying printer maintenance and ensuring consistent operation without the need for manual intervention.

Contributes positively to environmental conservation

In line with Canon's commitment to innovation and sustainability, the company also launched the LabelStream LS2000 inkjet press for label conversion applications in the US market towards the end of 2023. This move underscores Canon's dedication to developing products that not only meet the highest standards of performance but also contribute positively to environmental conservation.

Source: Canon press release