Croatian corrugated cardboard packaging specialist reports higher production

photo Bilokalnik

Manufacturing activities on the rise Croatian corrugated cardboard packaging maker Bilokalnik-IPA managed to increase its production in the May-October 2023 period, as indicated by a recently released report by the company. 

During the reporting period, the Croatian business produced a total of 30.7 million square metres of corrugated cardboard packaging. This represented an increase of some 5 percent over the company’s sales plan for the May-October 2023 period, Bilokalnik-IPA said in a filing to the Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE). The company’s revenues during that period stood at about €13.4 million. 

The manufacturer says it supplies its output to a wide range of industries. Bilokalnik-IPA’s portfolio of products includes industrial packaging, products for retailers and e-commerce, among others. 

The packaging producer is based in Koprivnica, in the country’s northern part, close to Croatia’s border with Hungary.