German packaging specialist to increase Polish production

photo: mmp_neupack_polska

Manufacturing activities will expand German-owned packaging maker MMP Neupack Polska is planning to further increase its production in 2024 after manufacturing about 1.7 billion cardboard packaging units last year.

“This year, MMP Neupack’s plans are even more ambitious,” Filip Krajewski, the company’s operational director and management board member, told local industry news site “About 50 percent of production goes to the Polish market, and the remaining share is exported, mostly to European countries”.

The Polish offshoot operates two production facilities in Bydgoszcz, in the country’s western part.

“MMP Neupack Polska is the market leader for cartonboard packaging in Poland,” the producer’s parent company, MM Packaging, said in a statement.

The Polish subsidiary supplies its output to a wide range of industries. These include the “detergents, pet food, food, sweets, fast food, electronics, and personal care market segments,” according to the statement.