Emtec Electronic to attend INPAP Conference in Poland

Photo: Emtec

The Leipzig-based manufacturer of testing equipment for the pulp, paper, tissue and board in-dustry will present solutions to automate quality control and improve product quality from June 12-14 at the XV Scientific and Technical Conference and Exhibition INPAP 2023 in Lodz.

The INPAP Conference, hosted by the Centre of Papermaking and Printing at Lodz University of Technology, brings together industry professionals to present scien-tific research regarding new developments in the manufacture of pulp, paper, tissue and board. Emtec Electronic will be attending the event as an exhibitor to present its array of testing solu-tions, including devices for measuring the surface charge (zeta potential) and assessing the min-eral filler content of paper and board. Additionally, Mr. Ulli Kasten will talk during the conference about the softness measurement of hygienic papers and explains the possibilities that raise for the users.

Similarly, accurate data regarding the cationic demand and zeta potential of the pulp allows man-ufacturers to effectively adjust the dosage of chemicals for process optimization in the wet-end. For quick, on-the-go analysis, emtec Electronic provide a convenient solution: the CAS touch! Charge Analyzing System and the FPA touch! Fiber Potential Analyzer. These two devices are best used in tandem to gain a higher product quality and less resource waste. The small size and light weight of the devices make it easy to transport in a carry-on suitcase, which is especially beneficial for chemical suppliers providing onsite measurements at customers.

In times of industrial automation, the FPO Fiber Potential Analyzer Online provides a way for manufacturers to gather continuous real-time data regarding the zeta potential. The FPO is con-nected directly to the process and automatically delivers information from two different sampling points in the process — before and after adding chemicals, for example – to the process control system. The continuous monitoring allows rapid intervention in the process, if necessary. The data can also be accessed and monitored online from anywhere in the world.

The ACA Ash Content Analyzer from emtec Electronic provides precise data regarding the total mineral filler content as well as its individual percentage distribution in a paper sample within a minute. Based on an innovative concept using X-Ray fluorescence analysis, the ACA delivers con-siderably more accurate results than traditional combustion methods, allowing for a detailed look at the separate mineral filler components in the paper, without destroying the sample. This helps manufacturers of paper and board reduce resource wastage and save significantly on costs.

In addition, emtec Global Sales Manager Ulli Kasten will give a lecture on the measuring results of the TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer. Unlike the human hand, which is unable to objectively distin-guish between the individual haptic parameters softness, roughness, and stiffness, the TSA device can measure the different traits individually within 90 seconds. Additionally, hand feel values can be calculated using various mathematical models. This offers enormous advantages for the user for quality assurance as well as process and product optimization.