Capacity exceeding customer expectations

Södra Cell Mörrum.

When Södra Cell Mörrum set out to invest in increased safety and improved broke handling, the equipment upgrades were delivered by Cellwood Machinery and Metrans. The result exceeded the customer’s expectations. Since then, Metrans AB has become a part of the Cellwood Group.

Since 1962, one of Södra Cell’s three pulp mills is situated by the Mörrum river delta just west of the port of Karlshamn in southern Sweden. With 354 employees and two dedicated lines, the facility produces a wide range of premium pulp (300,000 tons/year) and dissolving pulp for textiles and other applications (170,000 tons/year). The pulp is exported mainly to paper mills across Europe, and eventually finds its way into many different products such as magazines and books to tea bags and paper napkins. The dissolving pulp is supplied to a leading producer in Europe and to textile pulp mills in Asia. Södra Cell is part of Södra, a forest industry group with seven sawmills, 3,100 employees and an annual turnover of more than 2,300 million euro.

Broke and safety The main objective of the investment in Mörrum this last autumn of 2020 was to increase safety and improve the handling of broke in TM2.

The rebuild ensured that no personnel now have access underneath TM2 while in operation. All control panels for lubrication and hydraulic systems were relocated outside new safety barriers. This has significantly improved the work environment and safety.

The new pulper together with the broke handling conveyors have replaced two older pulpers of a different make. One pulper under the press section and another under the dryer were replaced by this new solution, resulting in a total capacity of 1,200 ADTPD. This resulted in a simplified handling of broke, as well as energy savings since the Grubbens pulper is more energy-efficient than the old solution.

The project was executed under difficult conditions involving tight spaces, numerous other projects and contractors present during the shut-down. Additionally, tough covid restrictions further hampered the project.

In addition to the pulper, the delivery also included two broke conveyors from Metrans and a redesign of the rope stretcher, pump, instrumentation and piping as well as installation and commissioning.

 – “Previously, both Cellwood Machinery and Metrans AB have supplied equipment to Södra. We chose Cellwood mainly due to satisfaction with previous deliveries and competitive pricing,” explains Project Leader Tobias Berg who is highly satisfied with the results.

 – “The capacity of the pulpers has far exceeded our expectations. We have never experienced blockage in a Cellwood pulper! And the Metrans conveyors have a solid design with top-notch operation,” says the customer’s Project owner Lennart Willander.

"We chose Cellwood mainly due to satisfaction with previous deliveries" Tobias Berg


Cellwood Machinery and Metrans AB have been cooperating for 20 years. The Södra Cell Mörrum delivery was one of the lastest ahead of Metrans AB being acquired by Cellwood Machinery in March 2021. “Metrans AB is a solid, well-managed company with a strong brand. We are extremely happy and satisfied with the acquisition. With this, our existing market offerings become better and broader.

With our sales organisation and agent network, we can reach more markets. Metrans has a large presence in the German-speaking regions of Europe and has made deliveries to numerous papermills in which we have no equipment. In these mills the bale handling equipment would be an excellent beginning to present our complete product range.” says Henrik Lefvert, CEO of Cellwood Machinery.

Metrans AB is one of Scandinavia’s leading companies of bale and broke handling equipment, and it will continue its operations as an independent business unit of Cellwood Machinery. The former owner, Bo Emanuelson, in addition to his role as CEO also assists with sales and project management and remains active in the company working alongside technical designers and project managers.

Grubben Pulper – Type S

Successful duo

Södra Cell Mörrum project leaders Tobias Berg and Lennart Willander are very confident in selecting Cellwood/Metrans as supplier for future projects. A combination that through the acquisition becomes a natural partner for both Swedish and foreign customers.