Toscotec to supply a complete press section rebuild to Cartiera Pirinoli in Italy

Photo: Toscotec

Italian carton board manufacturer Cartiera Pirinoli selected Toscotec for the rebuild of the entire press section of PM1 at its Roccavione site in Northern Italy. The project is planned for the second half of 2023.


In order to ensure the highest operation flexibility across a wide range of basis weights, Toscotec will supply both a first nip composed of an upper plain press and a lower suction press, and a second nip featuring Voith NipcoFlex shoe press designed for a maximum nip load of 1,600 kN/m. The scope also includes a fully automatic tail feeding system, felt runs, showers, rolls, doctors, as well as guide and stretcher systems.


The rebuild is set to significantly increase PM1’s productivity. The replacement of lower efficiency press rolls with a high performance first nip and a NipcoFlex will ensure a drastic reduction of PM1’s energy consumptions and paper breaks and increase post-press dryness. 


Silvano Carletto, President of Cartiera Pirinoli, says, “Toscotec’s technological solution offered a two-fold advantage: an optimal flexibility of regulation on the shoe press and an efficient layout inclusive of automatic tail feeding system. We are happy to partner with an established Italian supplier.”


Enrico Fazio, Sales Director of Toscotec’s Paper & Board division, says, “We are proud to provide an important rebuild to Cartiera Pirinoli, whose workers are entrepreneurs with full decision-making power. Their key concern was the supplier’s reliability and capacity to deliver an actual production upgrade. I am confident that this technological solution will allow them to achieve both higher efficiency and quality, especially in terms of paper bulk. In the future, Toscotec will continue to provide onsite and remote expert services for all their needs.”