Paper production in Kazakhstan steadily growing

kassym-jomart_kemeluly_tokayev_president_of_kazakhstan_ photo_vladimir_smirnov_tass

Paper production in Kazakhstan, one of the most economically developed states in the post-Soviet space, is steadily growing, despite high production costs of local manufacturers and maintaining geopolitical uncertainty.


In accordance with the latest report, published by the Kazakh Bureau of National Statistics, despite the fact that the current situation in the paper sector of the country remains positive, a number of problems continue to prevent a more active growth of some segments of the market.


The report says from January to October  paper deliveries to the market amounted to 97.9 billion tenge (+1.1% yoy) and there is a possibility the growth will continue to be observed until the end of the current year.


According to the report, the volume of paper production for different categories varies. Thus, the production of paper and corrugated cardboard increased by 72.4% compared to the same period last year, amounting to 83.3 thousand tons in physical terms. The production of boxes and boxes increased by 2.8 % - 96.1 million kg in 10 months.


According to the Kazakh Bureau of National Statistics, on the contrary, the production of toilet paper for the reporting period compared to January-October  2021 decreased by 34.7% (volume - 19.8 million kg), while the production of paper napkins - by 1.8% (3.6 million kg),"


Now 16 large enterprises produce paper products in Kazakhstan. The development of paper sector of the country is personally controlled by the recently re-elected President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.