FrontWay and Nipman sign collaboration agreement

Robert Clayhills.


An agreement between Swedish Company FrontWay and Finnish Company Nipman has been signed in May of 2022 in Norrköping. The intent of the agreement is for Nipman to sell the FrontWay software concept in the markets Nipman is active with sales of superior measuring instruments and new technology and solutions to paper industry. Mainly DACH Area, UK, Finland and Scandinavia.


Has more than 50 years of experience in building simulation models for customers. FrontWay is able to deliver and is a major player within development and use of simulation software in Europe, for the pulp and paper industry. FrontWay can deliver all over the mill, from raw material income to finished goods. There are no limitations when it comes to components, energy or chemical reactions. We have built models and developed solutions for chemical pulping, TMP, Waste Paper, Board Machines, Paper Machine and Tissue. FrontWay is growing and looking forward to new challenges.

Nipman Paper Technology

Over 20 years of experience of sales of paper industry products. Nipman sells and promotes technically superior instruments and products for paper quality management and optimization of paper manufacturing processes in Scandinavia, Finland, UK and DACH Area. In Scandinvia representing companies: Tasowheel, Pesmel, RollResearch, Sensorik, Aurelia, Sansox, AvatronSystems, Leonhard Breitenbach and Visilab. AFT Global ( Norway and Denmark ) DACH Area and UK: AvatronSystems, Visilab, Sansox, Sensorik and Pixact.

Partner with Service company Salvtech Ltd in Manchester UK, Martin Christmas.

Official representatives of company Nipman are Johannes Holubec DACH area. Tapio Tuohino

In Finland. Company owner Robert Clayhills is representative for Scandinavia and UK.

Collaboration Agreement

Together our ambition is to continue to sell superior instrument and technical solutions to the paper industry. Our mutual intention with the agreement is to combine excellent technology with superior knowledge of how to use and utilize existing information at the mill in a cost-effective way by using simulations. The software tools developed by FrontWay are used by many well-known actors within pulp and paper industry.