Klabin adopts “eureciclo” seal in its e-commerce packaging

Photo: Klabin

Packaging sold by Klabin through its e-commerce platform Klabin ForYou has gained a new mark of sustainability. The products now come with the “eureciclo” seal, which highlights to consumers the company’s engagement with recycling through certification of the reverse logistics of such items, thus adding more value to the marketplace strategy of the Company, which is Brazil’s leading producer and exporter of packaging paper.


Klabin ForYou is a marketplace launched by Klabin to serve small and midsized clients seeking customized paper solutions in low quantities, through a simplified purchase process. “We noticed a significant increase in online purchases, which has driven the growth in the consumption of packaging. However, it is important to keep sustainability in mind and, to this end, paper packaging holds the greatest appeal, especially because it is easy to recycle and is produced from renewable resources. The ‘eureciclo’ seal is here to strengthen our commitment to providing sustainable solutions to our clients,” said Douglas Dalmasi, Director of Packaging at Klabin.


In practice, the “eureciclo” seal certifies the reverse logistics of post-consumer packaging through a platform that tracks the invoices issued by cooperatives and recycling operators who are partners in the initiative. Moreover, adopting the seal means contributing to the National Solid Waste Policy, which has set a target of 22% for reverse logistics of packaging, by ensuring that brands that carry the seal allocate funds for developing the recycling chain.


One of the seal’s unique features is the technology used for tracking, which combines statistical analysis, big data and blockchain. The process starts with the approval of sorting operators and, based on the invoices issued, ensures the correct disposal of post-consumer packaging for recycling.


“Sustainability is part of Klabin’s DNA, and initiatives that reinforce the importance of recycling and reverse logistics, such as the adoption of the ‘eureciclo’ seal, further underscore our commitment to the subject, while also bolstering sustainable initiatives across our value chain,” he concluded.