Svetlogorsk pulp and paper mill plans to reach 400,000-tonnes design capacity by 2023

Svetlogorsk pulp and paper mill. Photo: Ranak

Svetlogorsk pulp and paper mill, one of the largest pulp and paper producers in Belarus, may reach design capacity for bleached sulphate pulp production up to 400,000 tons by 2023, according to recent statements, made by the Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko.


Roman Golovchenko comments:


«This is a complex technological production. At present, the work has been established, the enterprise produces about 270,000 tonnes».


From 2012 to 2019, the enterprise implemented an investment project "Construction of a plant for the production of bleached sulfate pulp" with a capacity of 400,000 tonnes per year.


It is planned, most of the future output will be sold to abroad, primarily to China. Currently China already remains a leading exporter of Belarus pulp, with about 60% of all export deliveries accounted on this country. Also the Belarus bleached sulphate pulp is sold to other countries, including Poland, Italy, France, Romania, Germany. In 2020, there were trial deliveries to Brazil, Turkey, Korea, Serbia, in 2021 - to Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates.


Svetlogorsk Pulp and Paper Mill has been operating since 1968, and the only pulp producer in Belarus. The share of the state in the authorized capital was 99.988%. The plant's products are exported to the CIS countries, the Baltic States, and the European Union. The structure of the plant includes a pulp mill, a cardboard and paper mill and a cardboard and paper container factory.

Source: Eugen Gerden