India will retain status as world’s largest waste paper processor within the next decade

Photo: Broadjournal

India will retain its status as the world’s largest waste paper processor within the next decade, that will be mainly to the pandemic and the existing restrictions on the imports of waste paper, which continue to exist in China, according to some Indian analysts in the field of paper business and local media reports.


Currently India remains the world’s largest destination for the imports of waste paper from the UK, the US and other Western countries and, it is planned, the volume of these supplies will continue to grow in years to come.


A significant part of these supplies are delivered to the NR Agarwal recycling plant, one of the largest Indian plants, located in the western Gujarat state and which processes waste paper in clean white paper.


The ever growing supplies of waste paper are beneficial for the Indian papermaking sector, as the country traditionally experiences a shortage of raw materials, that could be used in the production of paper in the country.


In recent years, the demand for paper in India has significantly grown, while most of it is currently consumed by the domestic book publishing sector. In addition, a significant part of local paper output is used in the production of cardboard boxes and other types of packaging for the expanding manufacturing sector.


By: Eugen Gerden