Escalating sales of high-performance paper products to upraise demand for paper processing chemicals

Photo: BASF

Paper & pulp industry, though among the significantly thriving industrial sectors, continues to face a set of longstanding challenges such as high capital expenditure and exorbitant energy costs. Paper processing chemicals that are thus used currently account for around 10% of the total costs incurred in paper production mills. With the consistent growth in demand for high-performance paper products, a recently published study projects steadfast growth in consumption of paper processing chemicals. During the forecast period (2019 - 2029), the global paper processing chemicals market will observe steady expansion at a CAGR of over 4%.

Key Takeaways – Paper Processing Chemicals Market Study

- Inclination towards greener products and water conservation will mark an important trend in market.

- Paper manufacturers are focusing on minimizing the consumption of fresh water through efficient usage of paper processing chemicals. Paper mills are focusing on using environment-friendly paper processing chemicals to reduce toxicity of the resultant wastewater.

- Among developing economies, government authorities are increasing their educational budgets. This could have a positive impact on the segmental growth of the paper processing chemicals market - printing & writing papers, in the near future across developing economies.

- Digitalization, along with increasing environmental concerns, is impacting the demand for graphic paper to a substantial extent. Many graphic and writing paper applications, from books and magazines to bills and corporate reports, are shifting from hard copies to electronic forms. This could hinder the global paper processing chemicals market growth.

 Key players operating in the paper processing chemicals industry have exited the marketplace in the last few years. Although the strategic rationale behind such decisions may be distinct for each of the companies, it has created consolidation opportunities for specialized players operating in the paper processing chemicals market.


 Coating Chemicals - Highly Lucrative Segment in Market


In particular, paper mills consume a majority of fillers and coating pigments, with around one-fourth percentage of paper & pulp processing chemicals being captured by the coating chemicals segment. Coating chemicals provide a water-resistant layer on the surface of paper that makes it more durable.


Competitive Landscape


The global market for paper processing chemicals would remain a consolidated landscape, and the top 20 players will continue to capture around a fourth of the market value. Some of the prominent market participants identified across the value chain of paper processing chemicals market include BASF SE, Kemira Oyj, Nouryon BV, The Dow Chemical Company, Huntsman International LLC, Solvay SA, Cargill Incorporated, Arakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd, Imerys SA, Harima Chemicals Group, Inc., Hydrite Chemical Co., Ivaxchem, Richards Chemicals & Electricals Pvt. Ltd, Axchem International Limited, and Chemisphere Paper Technologies.