Chinese Shanying to build new recycled pulp mill in the US

Image courtesy: Shanying

Chinese company Shanying has announced it wants to build a recycled pulp plant in the US. According to Euwid, the company is strongly investing in its Wickliffe pulp and paper mill which it acquired from Verso only last year.

According to a news release from the state of Kentucky, Shanying's US subsidiary Phoenix Paper wants to install a new recycled pulp mill with a capacity of 700,000 tpy in Wickliffe.

The company will invest $220m in the mill, which will create 150 new jobs and construction work is slated to begin before the year's end. The project is reportedly set for completion within 14-18 months.

Chinese paper manufacturers that need fibre for their packaging paper mills are looking for ways to circumvent the hurdles put in their way since the Chinese Government hindered recovered paper imports into China by imposing restrictions. According to Euwid, opening recycled pulp plants abroad is one of the ways for them to circumvent the difficulties in recovered paper procurement.