DNC Energy to build biomass plant in Ukraine

Photo: DNC Energy

DNC Energy, an environmental firm focused on building renewable energy infrastructure,  recently announced that it plans to construct a waste wood and crop residue fired biomass electric generation plant in Ukraine’s Kyiv region. The 25-megawatt facility is the 13th biomass plant to be built in the Ukraine, which currently has six burning biomass plants and seven biogas anaerobic digester systems.

The project includes construction and equipping of the plant, which will run primarily on woodchips, cornstover, sunflower and wheat straw to produce and realize energy via direct combustion in a steam boiler where the obtained steam passes through a steam turbine to receive energy. The technology will feature a "Wellons" boiler that runs on biofuel -- a Siemens steam turbine. Gross power delivery is estimated at 25 megawatts and construction is targeted for completion by November 2016. DNC has selected and is formalizing purchase of eight sites for future expansion and plans to expand to over 200 megawatts' generation by 2020. These sites are strategically located and take into consideration fuel supply sustainability, cooling water and grid connection. An added benefit of the decentralized power supply will be grid stability and reduction of power outages. Local governments have been proactive and highly supportive of this venture.

"Our new facility is a unique source of renewable energy in Ukraine and we anticipate that this landmark project will add substantially to the local economy, support sustainable waste management practices and improve the health of the local environment," said DNC Energy President David Neisingh. "The rising cost of energy makes it crucial to produce electricity from alternative sources and is also an important factor in our project's implementation."