Last chance to register for IBC Paper Training’s coming trainings

Photo: Robert McLassus

IBC Paper Training says that it’s now only one week left to register for its training on tissue process and properties.

As shown by the statistics, the topic still interests a vast range of tissuemakers and represents the perfect investment to get a better understanding of your tissue paper and process.

- Level: Basic

- Method: online, via Internet Live

- Date: 22-25 September 2014

- Main focus:

- Acquire the right vocabulary

- Get an understanding of the Tissue Process

- Make a relation between the settings and the process

- Connect the process and the properties

- Special Focus on Properties and Measurements

For another training on water management registration closing within  five weeks.

2. Water Management & Effluent Treatment  in Papermaking

We all know that a proper water management in your mill is extremely beneficial for your business. You can now get all the insights of this topic by following IBC’s next coming training in Istanbul.

- Level: Expertise

- Method: Face to face (Physical Presence)

- Location: In Istanbul

- Date: 21-23 October 2014

- Main focus:

- Understand the global closing of the water circuit in Papermaking

- Understand the Water Chemistry and Get to know the practical solutions to improve water closure

- Improve the Efficiency of your WWTP and Add Value to your Rejects and Effluents