Training via Live-Learning rescheduled

IBC Paper Training has rescheduled one of its previous online trainings (via LIVE e-Learning).The training, that will help customers to achieve important, elementary knowledge in the tissue field, will be held 22-25 September.

As researches have revealed, the topic continues to be of great interest for a wide range of tissue makers and is the perfect investment to get a better understanding of your tissue paper and process. There is no way someone can be a good tissue professional without the adequate vocabulary and a deep understanding of the tissue process, properties and measurements. IBC promises to take care of these issues and provide to you all the necessary information in this sense.

Main focus:

- Acquire vocabulary

- Get understanding of Tissue Process

- Make relation between settings and process

- Connect process and properties

- Special Focus on Properties and Measurements

New for Live-Learning: In order to match the needs of its clients, IBC Paper Training is now using VOP, which reduces significantly the participation fee.

The cost of participation to the training is per connection. Therefore there can be several people from the same production site to follow the training behind just one connection.