Rindi Pellets and Härjedalen Miljöbränsle formed joint sales company

Photo: Rindi Pellets

Rindi Pellets AB and Härjedalen Miljöbränsle AB (HMAB) on 1 April has formed a joint sales company HR Pellets AB. The new company is owned equally by Rindi Pellets and HMAB. The company will sell wood pellets to the market and from both Rindi Pellets and HMAB. The new company will coordinate the sales of both companies and streamline logistics solutions. HR Pellets will continue selling the same brands; Rindi-pellets, Dalaguld and HMAB-pellets.

The company will have a strong role in the Swedish and Norwegian market. Demand for wood pellets is expected to rise sharply across Europe and HR Pellets is ready to meet the demand, with an annual capacity of circa 200,000 metric tons.

"Together, we have created a competitive and flexible company helping to a secure the future production of wood pellets in Sweden. Our customers will receive an eco-friendly bio-fuel that is both sustainable and effective. Our Pellet production that is of the highest quality and with three production plants we have flexibility and reliability to delivery. I look forward to leading the development of our new company, "said Managing Director Steven Morris.