APP Tjiwi Kimia mill to install new drying equipment

Photo: Bekaert Solaronics

Bekaert Solaronics received an important order from APP for the rebuilt of the drying equipment on PM11 at PT Pabrik Kertas Tjiwi Kimia, Tbk, Indonesia. 

The objective of the investment is to replace the existing infrared equipment by a new GemDryer for coat drying behind a film press. This system will increase significantly the infrared power of the existing equipment thanks to the use of the Gem12+ emitters which ensure perfect quality and provide high drying power as well as a long lifetime.

Moreover, the Bekaert Solaronics GemDryer® combined with Gem12+ emitters ensures extreme compactness of the equipment. 

Tjiwi Kimia paper factory produce various type of papers, such as woodfree paper, photocopy paper, art paper, specialty paper, cast coated paper, carbonless paper, etc. As its commitment to sustainability environment, Tjiwi Kimia has invested in de-inking plant to recycle waste paper and produce recycle paper. With 13 paper machines, the production capacity reaches more than 1,200,000 metric tons per year.