PulPaper: UPM's stand show many uses of renewable biomass

UPM facility near Lappeenranta, eastern Finland. Photo: UPM

UPM is presenting it´s products at the PulPaper 2018 exhibition in Helsinki until 31 May 2018.  "The Biofore Gallery" product exhibition on display at UPM's stand demonstrate the several uses of renewable biomass.

The new bioproduct innovations of the circular economy include, among others, the renewable UPM BioVerno diesel fuel for transportation and UPM BioVerno naphtha that can be used for replacing fossil raw materials in bioplastics.

UPM's wood-based biochemicals include GrowDex hydrogel suitable for cell culturing. Growden can be used in the research and development of cancer treatments,

The product exhibition also introduces UPM's versatile specialty packaging materials: labelstock, label papers and flexible packaging materials for labeling, packing, and wrapping.

In addition, UPM's new lignin-based WISA BioBond glue technology is also highlighted. In the new technology, 50 percent of the fossil-based phenol in plywood production has been replaced with bio-based lignin obtained as a residue of pulp production.

An exciting, innovation-driven and sustainable future

President and CEO Jussi Pesonen addressed the transformation of the forest industry as the keynote speaker at the Business Forum seminar on Tuesday.

In other presentations, UPM discussed, for example, how it is going to answer the growing consumer demand caused by population growth with sustainable and safe solutions. The technological development offers limitless opportunities for businesses to innovate products that meet the challenges set by global megatrends, such as climate change, urbanization, and resource scarcity.

Focusing on future professionals on the third day of the exhibition

On Thursday, 31 May the exhibition will focus on young people and students. As the baby boomers retire, new job positions will open up throughout the forest industry. UPM requires a new kind of expertise especially in chemical industries and new businesses.

UPM will also present the UPM Bioforce Graduate trainee programme focusing on the skills requirements of the future. The trainees chosen for the programme will work in different positions in various countries in which UPM operates.