Valmet iRoll technology reaches the milestone of 500 customer deliveries

Photo: Valmet

The 500th case to utilize Valmet iRoll technology took place at SsangYong C&B, one of the biggest tissue producers in South Korea. Valmet analyzed the nip loading and performance of their press equipment under dynamic conditions using its portable iRoll technology.

Valmet iRoll technology and a Valmet press roll cover upgrade enabled SsangYong C&B to improve tissue dryness and felt profiles on their TM 4 machine, as well as to save energy and increase the machine's speed.

"The results of our co-operation with Valmet have been satisfying in terms of energy savings and increased machine speed. We are looking forward to continuing the development to improve our energy and production efficiency even further and achieve more cost savings," says Jong-Dae Byun, Director & Mill Manager at SsangYong C&B.

The dry content and profiles improved, leading to energy savings through 5 percent less steam consumption. More energy savings came from a 5 percent decrease in roll drive loads. The machine speed increased by up to 30 meters a minute.

In addition to the case at SsangYong C&B's TM 4, Valmet iRoll technology has reached several global achievements and led to process improvements, such as an 80 percent reduction in reeling and winding broke, an increase of 30 meters a minute in the paper machine's running speed, 40% reduction in coat weight profile variation, and a 60 percent longer press felt lifetime.

Due to the strong results and positive customer feedback, Valmet is continuously increasing the utilization of its iRoll technology globally with the aim of improving its customers' production efficiency, quality and runnability even further.

The iRoll product family is an advanced toolset for optimizing the efficiency and nip profiles of papermaking lines. Valmet's iRoll technology provides accurate online profile measurement and process control opportunities in press, sizer, coater, reel, and winder applications.


"It is the fastest and most sensitive online profile measurement tool in the industry. In addition to nips, iRoll also measures parameters affecting paper quality, and it can be connected to a machine automation system for closed-loop process control," says Tatu Pitkänen, Global Technology Manager at Valmet.


iRoll is part of Valmet Intelligent Roll Solutions, which offer a unique combination of Valmet's proven roll products and expert services. These technologies provide paper-, board- and tissue-makers with fast, sensitive online measurements, condition monitoring, data analysis, remote analytics and profile control applications - combined with Valmet's expertise and process know-how.