ABB opens Collaborative Operations Center in Helsinki

ABB AbilityTM Collaborative Operations Center opens in Helsinki, Finland. 

The center will function as the central focal point for expert resources and for systems that are equipped with ABB technology. It will leverage ABB’s extensive pulp and paper expertise to provide true data-driven solutions for its customers by providing remote connectivity, secure access to process performance information, and technical support. The new center will be part of ABB’s Global Collaborative Operations Center network.

Countless sensors and operation-critical systems transmit data on the health and performance of paper machines to the centers, where sophisticated software performs advanced data analytics on a 24/7 basis. The insights gained will allow engineers to quickly diagnose potential issues, advise on preventive maintenance or suggest measures to improve performance. ABB experts and customers work in close collaboration, taking data-driven decisions in real time that increase operational performance and business profitability.


"The new center demonstrates our leadership in delivering the real benefits of big data to our customers, changing insights into actions to improve their processes," says Jim Fisher, Global Product Group Manager for Pulp and Paper. "ABB remotely monitors and provides real-time support to close to 150 mills worldwide today, and we are expecting that number to rise with this new offering.”


Earlier this year ABB opened a Collaborative Operations Center in Westerville (Ohio) focusing on the pulp and paper industry. Later this year one more center will be opened in Singapore, leveraging the “follow the sun” principle to support customers anywhere in the world.


"The Collaborative Operations Center raises our functions to a whole new digital level. There has never been a software, system and hardware spectrum as broad as this in the Nordic countries, and the cooperation with the centers in other parts of the world is intense," says ABB’s business director, Jukka Auranen.


ABB Collaborative Operations is a true Internet-of-Things application and is part of the company's portfolio of ABB Ability with industry-leading digital solutions. Collaborative Operations provides performance management, remote monitoring and preventive analysis technologies to ensure security, and improve efficiency and productivity in various industries. ABB Collaborative Operations Centers connects people in enterprise-wide production facilities and headquarters to ABB’s technology and expertise.