Sulzer launches the new Agistar

Photo: Sulzer

With the new Agistar SSA side-mounted agitator, Sulzer has taken a significant step to further decrease power consumption and reduce the environmental impact of its product portfolio.

Agistar SSA is designed for demanding applications in various industries, such as pulp and paper, biofuels, food, sludge, as well as municipal and industrial wastewater. The new high-efficiency EX3 propeller can also be used in SALOMIX™ side-entry agitators

For the new Agistar SSA agitator, Sulzer has developed high-efficiency hydraulics (patent pending) with high pumping capacity and axial thrust but with low power consumption. These qualities combined with a precise agitator selection — not oversized, not undersized — enable maximum efficiency.

The reliable Agistar SSA agitator has a strong shaft with minimal deflection. The rigid construction ensures low vibration and a long lifetime of the seals and bearing — more than 200 000 hours for the bearing.

The new agitator is equipped with a new duplex stainless steel EX3 propeller for higher strength and wear properties. This ensures a longer lifetime than for agitators using austenitic stainless steel propellers. In addition, the performance of the agitator can be adapted with the adjustable propeller blades.

The Agistar SSA is quick and easy to install thanks to Sulzer’s smart, patented solutions. It is service friendly as well because the adjustable blade angles allow performance flexibility without any additional investments. Because of high standardization, the spare part costs are low.

The smooth hydraulics, reliable construction, and new propeller design of the Agistar SSA side-mounted agitators minimize its total cost of ownership (TCO). The low TCO is achieved by reduced energy, operational, and maintenance costs. With the new agitator range, Sulzer provides its customers the opportunity to run their process in a cost-efficient way.