Valmet completed the annual shutdown of Klabin paper mill

Photo: Valmet

Valmet has completed the annual shutdown of Klabin S.A. Monte Alegre paper mill in Brazil successfully. The agreement covered the entire shutdown project from planning and execution to a safe start-up. The shutdown took place between April 24 - May 5, 2017, and included close to 500 employees from Valmet and its sub-contractors.

Valmet and Klabin have an existing agreement for full annual shutdown services. This year's project was the second of the three-year agreement.

"We have co-operated with Valmet since 2009 and the current partnership was a natural follow-up of the relationship we have been able to build over the years," says Arnaldo Jasinski, Klabin's Maintenance Manager.

The usual procedure for mill shutdowns is to reserve several months for planning and preparation such as spare part and tool deliveries.

"We were able to deliver everything as planned and promised. During the ten days of shutdown we made everything we could to ensure smooth operation for our customer's machines to run 24/7 for the rest of the year," says Rodolpho Quadros, Field Service Engineer from Valmet.

"We have had good results in the execution of our work in annual shutdown, both in safety and quality. Since the planning, where the focus was also to seek the optimization of resources to reduce costs, Valmet's expertise was essential to help us making decisions, says Leandro Caetano da Silva, Klabin's Maintenance Planning Coordinator.