New audits confirms Volga’s FSC certificate validity

Photo: Gerhard Elsner/Wikimedia Commons

FSC standard (Forest Stewardship Сouncil) is one of the most popular and well-known standards in the market for forest and paper products. Since January 2013, JSC Volga has been an FSC Chain of Custody Controlled Wood certificate holder issued by FSC’s certification body Bureau Veritas Certification Rus (Moscow).

The FSC certificate confirms that a check-out system of the supply chain in accordance with requirements of the international FSC standards is implemented at the Mill. During the certificate validity period (5 years) its holder must confirm such compliance, due to this FSC’s certification body annually conducts planned surveillance audits.

In 2016 a regular audit was conducted at JSC Volga. The purpose was an audit of the documentation management for wood supply chain control. During the audit, the auditors also visited the paper departments and workshops of the Mill and were convinced with their work meeting the requirements of FSC standards and the worked-out internal documentation implemented at the Mill.

The conducted audit confirmed the FSC certificate validity.

Volga Paper Company is one of the leading newsprint manufacturers in Russia.