Valutec delivers 17 timber kilns to Sawmill 25 in Russia

Photo: Valutec

Valutec has won an order for a total of 17 timber kilns from north-eastern Russia’s largest sawmill, Sawmill 25 in Siberian Archangelsk, which is building an entirely new sawmill plant. The total order value is around Euro 4.5 million, which means that the order is one of the largest ever for the company.

The order comprises five progressive FB kilns and a total of 12 E-wagon fed batch kilns. The total drying capacity amounts to approximately 300,000 cubic metres per year, a volume that corresponds to nearly 19,000 football fields with boards laid side by side.

The drying facilities will be used for the drying down of spruce and pine boards and planks, which is also the main product of Sawmill 25. The kilns are also equipped with a total of 130 pressure frames to ensure the quality of the timber packages’ top layer.

 The deliveries will begin in the spring and the kilns will be assembled and commissioned before the end of the year.

 Sawmill 25 is a part of the Titan Group, which consists of more than 20 companies in the area around Archangelsk.