Mondi welcomes 1400 visitors to its Drupa stand

Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper presented its wide range of professional paper solutions at the Drupa fair in Düsseldorf, Germany from 31 May to 10 June. As a one-stop paper manufacturer, Mondi offers sustainable paper solutions for all printing technologies and needs.

Johannes Klumpp, marketing & sales director Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper, explains, “We have had a very successful Drupa! On the one hand, we have proudly exhibited our professional print portfolio and have had interesting discussions with around 1400 customers. On the other hand, we have learned more about trends in printing technologies with our OEM partners.”

Klumpp points out that “One of the highlights of the booth at Drupa was the Mondi ‘paper house’ reflecting Mondi’s one-stop paper manufacturer approach.” In this house, visitors could feel at home, be well taken care of, discover the creative environment of an art gallery and personally experience a variety of paper haptics. The house consisted of panels covered with natural-shaded BIO TOP 3® next and the high-white DNS® premium as well as an attractive grey shade of Mondi’s tinted paper. In the upstairs area Mondi’s customers could withdraw from the hectic rush of the trade show routine – much like in a living room. On the ground floor a dedicated art gallery opened up a whole new world for visitors who could admire different art objects reflecting the duality of the whole booth between the rational and the emotional world. Furthermore, visitors were invited to experience the different shades and haptics of Mondi papers with touchpads on the house. “All of these details combined the approach that people are in touch with Mondi products every day and that our paper can do much more than one would expect,” adds Klumpp.

A tree made of wood and paper reflected Mondi’s clear sustainability commitment. For Mondi, sustainability makes good business sense hence is one of its key drivers and was also a key topic for Drupa. All Mondi uncoated fine paper branded products are part of Mondi’s Green Range, meaning that they are FSC® or PEFC™ certified, 100% recycled or totally chlorine free bleached (TCF). Mondi continually invests in making its mills and production plants as energy efficient and sustainable as possible. Customers have the best paper solutions combined with proven, environmentally sound production – every day.

NEUJET® – bringing high-speed inkjet paper to a new level

The NEUJET® portfolio was presented at Drupa with live print runs on an Océ ColorStream 3700 Z high-speed digital inkjet printing press by Canon. NEUJET® represents Mondi’s next generation of high-speed inkjet papers and visitors were especially impressed by the smooth surface and vivid colours on NEUJET® silk. The portfolio is optimised for medium to heavy colour direct mails, graphic arts and book printing applications. NEUJET® is offered in two quality levels, standard and premium, and two surface finishes, matte and silk, closing the gap to coated offset printing.

PERGRAPHICA® design papers attract attention


PERGRAPHICA® - Mondi’s design paper range called ‘Paper for Perfectionists’ - caught a lot of attention at Drupa. Customers could assure themselves that it fulfils the most demanding requirements for sophisticated and elegant printed documents. The printed samples and attractive marketing materials for PERGRAPHICA® showed the variety of options: two textures (Rough and Smooth), three shades (High White, Classic and Natural) and six grammages between 90 and 300 g/m2. Produced in Austria and FSC® and EU Ecolabel certified, it is sold through a network of long-term distribution partners Europapier (Austria and CEE), Papierunion/Inapa Group (Germany), Burgo Distribuzione (Italy), and Double V (Russia).

3D print as highlight at Drupa and at the Mondi booth

Mondi has partnered with Mcor, an innovative manufacturer of the world’s most affordable, full-colour, safe and eco-friendly 3D printers, on the development of paper optimised for Mcor 3D printers. At Drupa Mondi featured the recently launched Mcor ARKe printing full colour paper 3D models – printing with Mondi’s BIO TOP 3® next.

BIO TOP 3® next is an off-white uncoated hybrid printing paper ensuring high impact reproductions that catch attention. The paper is extremely versatile and meets the highest requirements: it combines an elegant look with an extensive environmental profile. Produced totally chlorine free (TCF), the paper retains a natural uncoated feel with an off-white shade and has been found to be optimally suited for Mcor 3D printers. Mcor ARKe uniquely employs the global-standard ICC colour map to provide the industry’s most accurate, photorealistic colour 3D. Dr Conor MacCormack, co-founder & CEO of Mcor concludes: “This year the Drupa show truly brought the 2D and 3D printing worlds together. 3D printing using Mondi’s BIO TOP3® next paper delivers high quality colour models at a low price and it is eco-friendly and safe.”