APP enters Keidanren

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) has become the first Indonesian company to be a member of Japan’s economic organization Keidanren.

Keidanren is the most respected association in Japan because of the number of its members and the scale of its businesses.

"APP photocopy paper is now the market leader in Japan with its market share about 25%. This reflects Japanese consumers` confidence not only in the quality of the product but also in the commitment of the company to implementing a sustainable forest-based industry," of APP Japan Tan Ui Sian said.

Besides photocopy paper, APP Japan is also taken into account for other products such as uncoated paper, tissue and toilet papers. Besides, APP is currently developing its market share to packaging board and specialty grade, such as color paper as well as stationary products.

Asia Pulp & Paper Group is a trade name for a group of pulp and paper manufacturing companies in Indonesia and China.