American Eagle Paper Mills to replace coal with natural gas

Photo: American Eagle Paper Mills

American Eagle Paper Mills announces a multi-million dollar natural gas conversion project. This project will replace the legacy coal based power generation equipment with high efficiency natural gas fueled equipment.

The project has been in development since 2013 and has been fully engineered and financed. The construction and equipment procurement was initiated in July 2015, with an anticipated start-up date in the early 3Q of this year.

The project includes a new Babcock and Wilcox natural gas boiler, as well as an equipment upgrade to the mill’s power distribution infrastructure. When operational, the new system will greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions of the mill by the conversion from coal to natural gas.

Located in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania, American Eagle Paper Mills is a dedicated community of environmental stewards, producing a wide variety of recycled and post-consumer-waste paper products.