Montes del Plata inaugurates new forestry technology centre

Photo: Montes del Plata

Montes del Plata has inaugurated its new Forestry Technology Centre (CTF) including 2,670 m2 of greenhouse space specifically for research and development. Like the Montes del Plata Nursery, this new facility employs advanced technology to automatically monitor watering and environmental temperature and recovers used water to increase resource utilization efficiency.

The centre was opened on the last technical meeting of the company s Research and Development area. At this meeting, experts different areas of the company in forestry and cellulose production exchanged information on the latest advances in genetic improvement, plantation productivity, forestry operations development and quality and nursery production.

The areas of the new space include a cloning garden, vegetation house, greenhouses for shade and growth, an adaptation area, a grafting and pollination section as well as a laboratory and monitoring room. The greenhouse structure is made of galvanized steel and is covered by polyethylene to protect the seedlings the elements.  Ergonomics were emphasized in the design with the incorporation of rolling tables, a technology previously employed at Montes del Plata, to decrease the physical effort required in an effort to ensure the good health of employees.

Montes del Plata also announced improvements to its nursery to enable a significant increase in seedling production volume and stockpiling capacity. The ribbon was cut by R&D and Nursery Manager Martim Terra and Forestry Manager Moacyr Fantini.  "The area has achieved innovations, along with challenges and risks in an environment of comradery and teamwork," noted Fantini.