Newsprint exports to remain a priority in 2016 for Volga

Photo: Volga

Russian newsprint manufacturer Volga Paper Company says that news exports will remain a priority in 2016.  The company has increased its exports substantially during 2015.

The mill has supplied newsprint to 76 countries all over the globe in 2015 (compared to 72 countries in 2014). Europe (35%), India (17%), Asia (17%) and Ukraine (13%) account for the biggest share of Volga’s exports.

Among individual countries, notwithstanding some minor redistribution of newsprint shipments, the largest importers of Volga’s product are still India (17%) and Ukraine (13%), followed by European countries (Germany, Bulgaria, Finland and Rumania).

Volga has also added some new destinations in 2015, such as Curaçao, Paraguay, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Mauritius, Malaysia, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, and Serbia.

After a long interruption since 2010, newsprint under Volga’s brand is now again sold in France and Belgium.

As the newsprint process has been converted to 100% TMP furnish, it has brought about significant improvements in mechanical strength and printability of Volga’s paper.

However, due to a shutdown of three paper-making machines in April 2015, Volga’s current exports are about 60% less that in January 2015.

Exports will remain a crucial outlet for Volga’s products in 2016. In order to address its vital objective — i.e. maintaining its competitive ability and securing a footprint in the newsprint market — Volga is going to optimize its sales structure on an area basis, improve the logistics aspect and utilize more flexible and effective financial tools.