E-commerce packaging offers theft protection for valuable lightweights through tamper protection

Photo: Panther

Clothing and underwear are among the booming groups of goods in e-commerce. The corresponding shipping packaging must take various factors into account and therefore place high demands on its design.

The experts for corrugated board packaging at Südwestkarton GmbH & Co. KG (a company of the Panther Group) meet the diverse challenges with individual, high-performance developments. A recent example shows how unauthorized access to the desired content can be promoted.

Südwestkarton created an e-commerce shipping box that makes it impossible to tamper with the packaging unnoticed. The box must be clearly opened to remove the garments. Thanks to this protection against interference, the safety and quality of the goods are maintained and the complaint rate is reduced over the long term.

Especially laundry, lingerie and clothing are usually very light products. They are also soft and only add up to a low weight – including the shipping unit. In order not to transport unnecessary air and to dispense with filling material, correspondingly flat boxes are used for these applications. In contrast to products that are heavier, it is only after the authorized recipient has opened their shipping packaging that they notice whether the contents are complete and in perfect condition.

With existing shipping cartons, it can happen that the bottom is improperly pressed inwards, individual parts are removed and the packaging is then apparently correctly closed again. This is now made impossible by the new development from Südwestkarton: by extending the bottom flap by the height of the box, the bottom is positioned against the top flap when the box is closed. This prevents the packaging from being easily pushed open. In addition, the experts from Südwestkarton have made changes to the self-adhesive strips. It is relocated to the outside of the inner lid flap, which optimizes processing and handling.

Panther has developed numerous new corrugated board packaging for shipping products ordered via online portals, which are always precisely tailored to the packaged goods thanks to individual height variability. In this way, only the necessary packaging volume is generated and additional fillers are avoided.

The system solutions for individual shipping save resources and material, are therefore sustainable and they score with the end customer, since the packs correspond exactly to the dimensions of the filling goods and therefore do not transport any excess air.

Panther's shipping packaging concept includes various options for closure technology and, if desired, takes into account the return function through perforations or adhesive surfaces for self-adhesive closures.