Russia’s Segezha Group to production of pulp at its flagship Karelia mill by 2024-2025

Segehsky pulp and paper mill. Photo: Segehsky mill

Segezha Group, one of Russia’s largest timber holdings, will suspend the production of pulp at Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill in Karelia after the launch of a new enterprise of the Segezha West project by the end of 2024 - early 2025, according to recent statements, made by Mikhail Shamolin, head of Segezha Group during a live broadcast in the Russian social network VKontakte dedicated to the socio-economic development of the Segezha region.


In June 2021, the State Commission for the Development of the Arctic Zone of Russia supported the Segezha Group project for the construction of a new pulp and paper mill in Karelia (Segezha West project). A similar project will be implemented in Russia for the first time in several decades.


Mikhail Shamolin comments:


"When the construction is completed in late 2024 - early 2025, the old pulp production at Segezha PPM will be stopped. The new plant will replace the old pulp production. The new plant is being built using the latest available technologies and will have virtually no harmful emissions»


According to Shamolin, the capacity of the new enterprise will be higher compared to the old plant.


In the meantime, the old production will continue the production of paper, particularly white kraft paper. The old plant will also serve a basis for the new production of laminated wooden structures with a capacity of 200 thousand cubic meters of finished products per year (glued beams, glued beams, etc.). It will replace the outdated Segezha sawmill and woodworking plant.


By: Eugen Gerden