Silverton Pulp & Paper awards order for High Pressure Tail Cutters to ProJet

ProJet, Meerssen, Netherlands ProJet will deliver new dry end Tail Cutters to Silverton Pulp & Paper, India. The order was included in ProJet's fourth quarter 2019 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed.

The ProJet High Pressure Tail Cutters can be equipped with redundant pumps and redundant nozzles guaranteeing the highest availibility of the system. Pressure used is up to 500bar (8,000psi) and the Tail Width is adjustable from 20-300mm (0.8-12 in.)

The ProJet HP Tail Cutters generate a 100% reliable clean cut, guaranteeing maximum reliablity of Tail Threading. One Tail Cutter will be installed before the Size Press and the second before the reel at the end of the machine.