Japan increases lumber imports from Russia  

Japan increases lumber imports from Russia by reducing that from Canada and Finland in 2Q 2019

Lumber imports to Japan from Russia expanded 12.9% y-o-y in second quarter of 2019 to 250.0 thousand m3 with import value jumped 13.5% to $90.7 million, according to Customs and Tariff Bureau of Japan. Canada’s lumber exports to Japan declined 25.2% to 381.4 thousand m3, export value fell 32.4% to $146.6 million. Share of Canada in Japan lumber imports slid 7.10 pp to 24.5% while share of Russia gained 2.34 pp to 16.1%.

In second quarter of 2019, lumber exports from Finland to Japan dropped 9.64% to 225.4 thousand m3 with export value decreased 14.3% to $66.8 million.

Total lumber imports to Japan contracted 3.52% to 1.6 million m3, import value was down 8.32% to $576.4 million.

Source: Lesprom Network